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Emmanuel Amiot

  • Born May 29th, 1961 in TOULON (83). Married with two children.
  • I attended in Nice the “lycée musical”, a special section conveniently completing humanities teaching with the music conservatory, where I learned piano and analysis (I reached music theory medal when aged 11).
    I ended college with the Baccalauréat diploma, section C (sciences), with mention “Très Bien” (1977) and also managed the baccalauréat A (humanities, literature) on the next year, mention AB (1978).
    From 1977 to 1979 I learned science in Mathématiques Supérieures and Spéciales M' in lycée Masséna, Nice.
  • Graduating to Ecole Normale Supérieure (ENS de St Cloud) in September 79.
    I get the highest french diploma for mathematics, the “Agrégation de Mathématiques”, in 1982, aged 21 (rank 73
  • Trainee teacher in 1983-84, then maths professor from 1984 to 1987 in a secondary school in the north of France, while training teachers in the IREM (Institut de Recherche et d’Education des Mathématiques) in Lille (working with the Géométrie, then Histoire des Mathématiques groups) and teaching some university classes (DEUG B) in Lille III University (1986-87).
    From its creation in 87 to August 89, I teach higher level mathematics in the “centre de préparation à l'Agrégation de Mathématiques de Rabat” (Morocco), then in Mathématiques Spéciales (pre-graduate) in lycée Moulay Youssef in Rabat.
    Since September 1993, I am a math professor in Spé M (now MP) in lycée Arago, Perpignan.
    I have been a member of several jurys for admission in several Grandes Ecoles d’Ingénieurs (Concours commun marocain, Mines d’Albi, Institut National Agronomique…).
  • I am associated researcher in the Physics, Maths and Computer Science Laboratory in Université de Perpignan (LAMPS).
  • I received my PhD in computational musicology (Sciences de l’informatique) in June 2010, IRCAM/UPMC/EDITE, Paris.
  • I seriously began research in music and computer science with the Centre de Recherche Informatique Musique, working for program V of musical research (computer models for music) in 1986, where our group initiated formalization studies in music in IRCAM (Paris).
  • I speak regularly in national (MaMuX in Ircam) and international (Graz, Zürich, Pise, Chicago, Berlin, Yale, Montréal, Mexico, SMT, MCM, etc…) colloquiums.
  • Since its creation in 2007 I am a member of the Society for Mathematics and Computation in Music, and also a member of the editorial board (currently co-Editor in Chief) of the Journal of Mathematics and Music.

Selected Publications and Conferences:



Music through Fourier Space issued by Springer.

Articles in peer-reviewed journals:

Book reviews

Colloquium proceedings (peer reviewed):

(Some papers cosigned by A. Riotte, M. Andreatta, C. Agon, G. Assayag, T. Noll, D. Ghisi, J. Mandereau, W. Sethares)

Collective books:
  • Why rhythmic canons are interesting , Perspectives in Mathematical and Computational Music Theory, Mazzola, Noll, Lluis Puebla Ed, Epos, 190-209, Univ. Onasbrück.
  • Co-editor of Perspectives of New Music, special issue 49 (2) on Tiling Rhythmic Canons.
  • Review of La vérité du Beau dans la Musique by Guérino Mazzola, in « À la lumière des mathématiques et à l’ombre de la Philosophie », Delatour 2012.

Preprints :

Videos (pedagogy/vulgarisation)

  • About rhythmic canons:
  •  Aspects mathématiques du rythme musical , séminaire MaMuX, October 2012.
    Sundry Activities
    • Organisation of MaMuX colloquium in september 2013 at Université de Perpignan.
    • Co-organiser for colloquium MCM 2011 in Paris.
    • Editor for the Journal of Mathematics and Music since 2017.
    • Master course at Pisa University (Italia) on la Trasformata di Fourier Discreta in Musica (2010).
    • Adviser for dissertations (tesa di laurea, ATIAM masters), PhD advising, reviewing, and jury member.
    • Co-editor with John Rahn of a special issue of Perspectives of New Music essentially devoted to rhythmic canons (2011).
    • Organiser of a seminar for continuing education of CPGE teachers in IRCAM, about « mathématiques et musique ».
    • Member of the panel session on the future role of Mathematical Music Theory in Music, Mathematics, and. Computer Science Departments organized by M. Montiel during the SMCM meeting, McGill Univ., June 2013
    • Cultural / scientific events ( concerférences : video conferences for all public cum playing music and even dancing):
      • in La Chapelle Gély, Montpellier, 2014 ( Musique et Mathématiques , Feb. 4th  Pavages en musique , Sept. 27th;  Bach entre Géométrie et nombres , 4th of November)
      • at Pierre de Fermat’s place in Beaumont de Lomagne  Maths et Musique, une introduction, Oct. 12th, 2014. With A. Moreno and G. Baroin
      • In Firenze (Italia) for the maths and arts week (2015) with the same.
      • Everywhere in colleges, universities, etc…
    • Member of the scientific committee of most MCM colloquiums. Co-organisor of MCM 2011, Paris.
    • Tango dancer!

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